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Home science is the science of a home and it includes all the things that concern the person, home, family members and resources.

  • It is the education for “better living” and the core of this education is the family ecosystem.
  • It also deals with reciprocal relations between the family and its natural and man-made environments.
  • It aims at getting maximum satisfaction for the person and their family members through the efficient and scientific use of your resources.
  • It gives the person all the knowledge of the scientific procedures involved in making a home beautiful.

Home science integrates the application of various sciences and humanities to improve human environment, family nutrition, management of resources and child development.

Home Science in School

Home science is offered as a subject in class 11th and 12th in CBSE and other boards. It covers mainly three areas: food and nutrition, human development, and family resource management.

Home Science in College

It is offered as a bachelor degree of 3 years. Both BA and B.Sc in Home science is available.

Apart from the core subjects—Development Communication & Extension, Fabric & Apparel Science, Food & Nutrition, Human Development and Resource Management—one would study Entrepreneurship, Family Life Education, Microbiology, Personality Development, Food Preservation, Fashion Designing, etc. After the UG course one can go for PG in Home Science and opt for specialization or can opt for other PG courses.

Home Science as a field of study is application oriented and prepares one for many professions. After completing graduation in Home Science one can go for courses like Masters in Home Science, Masters Course in Fashion Designing/Textile Designing, Dietetics, Counseling, Teaching, Social Work, Development Studies, Entreneurship, Mass Communication, Catering Technology, etc.

Courses in Home Science

1.   B.Sc in Home Science

B.Sc Home Science is a professional course of three years duration. B.Sc course covers the various fields of science like nutrition, health and growth measurements. It also involves various scientific problems that exist in the surroundings and in the environment. B.Sc Home Science offers many specializations and accordingly one can choose higher education option or find employment. Some of the specializations are nutrition, clothing, family relations, home management, child development, etc.

Eligibility: 10+2 students with science are eligible for the course.

2.   B.A in Home Science

B.A in Home Science is an undergraduate degree of three years duration that is offered by various universities. The course basically focuses on managing various resources efficiently.

It also involves the science of developing one’s home life, family life and intellectual thinking ability. A wide range of career opportunities are available for these graduates in industries such as Apparel Merchandising, cafeterias, welfare organizations, etc.

Eligibility: 10+2 students of any stream are eligible.

3.   P.G. Diploma in Home Science

Eligibility: Graduate from a recognized University

4.   Diploma in Home Science

Eligibility: Graduate from a recognized university

5.   M.Sc in Home Science

Eligibility: B.Sc in Home Science or any other equivalent degree from a recognized university.

6.   Ph.D in Home Science

Eligibility: M.Sc in Home Science or any other equivalent masters degree from a recognized university.

Home Science is offered as a course in Women’s Polytechnic and in Agriculture Universities and is also offered in combination with B Ed.

The Core Branches of Home Science

Food and Nutrition

Good nutrition is important for healthy living. In Home Science, major emphasis is given to this subject. In this field the following subjects like the scientific facts about the nature of food, the constituents of food, foods required for the growth and maintenance of body functions, food needs at the different stages of growth, nutrition deficiencies and ways of over-coming them.

Preservation of foods by household and commercial methods, knowledge of food spoilage and food adulteration is also important topics of Food & Nutrition. Food production, sanitary handling of food, avoidance of waste, hygiene of food, the psychological effects and pleasure of eating, effects of cooking on food and the important relationship of adequate diet to health are the important subjects comprising this field.

Clothing and Textiles

Knowledge of aesthetic, hygienic and economic value of clothing is important for Home Science students. This area includes the selection, construction and care of clothing, its effect on the family income the chemical nature and behavior of different textiles, different textiles, different types of weaves, dyeing and printing, the quality, color fastness, shrink-ability, and durability of the fabrics, the nature and characteristics of natural fibers like cotton, silk, wool, linen and synthetic fibers available in the market.

Home Management

Management implies making the best use of the available material and human resources, to derive the best values and to conserve time, energy, money, space and labor.

It consists in various concepts, principles and processes of management acquiring information regarding the selection of appropriate equipment for home; their operation, care and maintenance; knowledge of decision making; housing; work simplification; interior decoration; fuel and energy management with the suitable technologies available for better living. In good home management, all the members of the family must work together, setup common goals, make plans, and contribute towards the efficiency and happiness of the home.


Good housing ensures the health and security which is the goal of Home Science. Housing influences the mental and physical health of human beings throughout life. Therefore, the basic facts about housing, designs, furnishings which will save money and labor and methods of getting maximum satisfaction through minimum equipment are important.

Interior decoration and house-keeping are also included in this branch. To make the house a charming and comfortable place for the use of the family, it should be well groomed. It should be kept clean, well arranged, decorated lighted and ventilated. All these things are a part of Home Science education. Knowledge of building a new house, maintenance of old house, making of kitchen garden is also included in this branch.

Health and Hygiene

Health is an important branch of Home Science. Knowledge about good health, sanitation, personal hygiene, role of bacteria in health and disease, infection, looking after the sick, home nursing, hygienic use of food are included in this branch. Knowledge of health and its constant purposeful application of everyday life bring vigor, satisfaction and happiness.

Child Care and Development

Children are the future citizens of the nation. They maust be brought up in an atmosphere conducive to growth and development. The care of a child begins before the birth. So the knowledge about the care and development of the child since or even before the time of conception plays important role for Home Science students.

This branch also includes the knowledge of the basic needs of a child for her healthy growth and development such as food, clothing, bathing, fresh air, play and sleep. Care of the child includes understanding its physical, mental and emotional growth, choosing the kind of play, and toys for the child, recognition of children’s disease and how to take care of the children during illness.

Home Nursing and First Aid

As health plays important role in life the knowledge of Home Nursing can preserve it. By observing the needs of sick people persons, proper care may be taken.

Adequate skill in nursing the sick is an important topic in Home Science. First aid is the immediate care given to an injured person before the service of a doctor can be obtained. In emergencies, what type of first aid treatment should be given to the patient, general rules of first aid knowledge about the bandages are important subjects of this branch.

Human Relationships

Man is a social animal he can find greatest happiness in society. Getting on well with others in the family and community is an asset to his personality.

Knowledge of psychology, sociology and other related subjects is necessary to help family members in understanding people. To make a home successful, all the members should get along well with others. This branch of Home Science includes how to maintain good family and social relationship for achieving happiness.

Extension Education

Extension education has now become an important branch of Home Science. Besides formal education, Home Science deals with education through which desirable changes are brought about in family living. Extension Education works with almost every institution and all individuals who come from these families or home front.

It has a very happy relationship with the Home Science discipline. The major objective of it is to extend and translate scientific knowledge into action. It involves the understanding of rural economic structure and improving the same, promotes health and nutritional status of the community, motivate women towards national development through the use of audio-visual aids, participation in adult education, functional literacy, planning and execution of welfare program.

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