Public Administration & History


The Relationship Between Both Social Sciences

History is concerned with the study of social progress of mankind — everything mankind has thought, done and achieved. It is the study of the past events, movements, their causes and interrelations.

HistoryOpens in new window supplies valuable materials for the study of Public administrationOpens in new window. Its subject-matter includes economic and social developments, religion, intellectual and artistic movements as well as the growth and decline of States, their organizations, functions, achievements and failures. History is the laboratory of human experiences.

All administrative experiences of history are the subject-matter of our experiments. The study of the administrative system of a country would not be complete without a proper glimpse of its historical background.

The historian in the past did not pay much attention to the social, political and economic developments of the states. Today this approach has changed because administrative history is being developed as a definite branch of history.

First effort to write a detailed history of administration was made in the U.S.A. In his two books—The Federalists (1948) and The Jegersonians (1951)—Prof. Leonard D. WhiteOpens in new window describes a detailed history of American Administration in the first 48 years. History guides and counsels administrators by revealing what mistakes were committed by past administrators which ultimately led to their downfall.

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