Examples of Conditional Clauses in Sentences

A CONDITIONAL CLAUSE is a dependent clause which expresses a condition to be filled in order or the Conclusion Clause, i.e., the main clause, to be realized.

    For example:
  • If you read this book, you will do well on the test.
  • In this construction, “If you read this book” → condition, serving as conditional clause. “you will do well on the test.” → conclusion, serving as conclusion clause

In English a Conditional Clause is usually introduced by a conjunction such as if, unless, if not (See ConjunctionOpens in new window).

The Conditional Clause can come before or after the conclusion clause.

    For example:
  • You will do well on the test, if you read this book.
  • Here, “You will do well on the test” → conclusion clause, “if you read this book” → conditional clause.