What is Execratio?

Execratio; (also known as “Ara,” or “Areia,” “Execracio,” “Execracion”; etymologically from Greek, literally means “a prayer for evil,” or “a curse”) is a figure which consists when one expresses hatred either by cursing or calling down evil upon a person for the misdeed committed.

MelanchthonOpens in new window considers this trope to be sub-set of exclamatioOpens in new window.

Notable Examples

Execratio or Ara (as its also known), usually express a solemn curse by the following formulae:

  1. “May all the gods and goddesses rain destruction upon you!”
  2. “May the gods smite you!”
  3. “May the gods give you ruination befitting your misdeeds!”
  4. “May the gods abandon you!”
  5. “May you rot in hell!”
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