Examples of Information Questions

Information questions are the basic type of wh- questionsOpens in new window. They are used to request information that has not been previously mentioned.

Unlike yes/no questions, wh- information questions always contain a presupposition. For instance, when we ask the question What did John do? we presume that John did in fact do something.

Question Presumed Information
1a) How did they do it?They did it somehow.
1b) Where did John go? John went somewhere.
1c) Whose book was stolen? Someone’s book was stolen.
1d) What has he done? He has done something.
1e) Who is doing it? Someone is doing it.

Information wh- questions have up-fall intonation, as shown in 2a), 2b), and 2c) or down-rise intonation, as shown in 4d) and 4e).