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What are Motion Verbs?

Motion verbs, as implied by the term “motion”, are verbs that describe motion. They cannot be used in passive voice. Common examples of motion verbs include: “go”, “walk”, “run”, “swim” or “fly”.

For example, the following sentences contain motion verbs. They are signified in bold. survey.

  • Liam went into the house.
  • Everyday Shelly walked to school.
  • Naomi arrived yesterday.

As with the examples above, motion verbs do not usually have an objectOpens in new window; they are intransitiveOpens in new window. This means that they cannot be used in passive voice.

Usually verbs of motion require a prepositional phraseOpens in new window to show the direction of the movement.

Sometimes we can complementOpens in new window them with infinitivesOpens in new window to show the purpose of the motion.

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