Prepositions of Time

Correct Uses of Prepositions of Time

Prepositions of Timeat, in, on, for, since, from—tell the reader or listener about when something happens or happened.

Uses of At
Uses of In
Uses of On
Expression of Extended Time

To express extended time, English uses the following prepositions: since, for, by, from–to, from–until, during, and within.

  • She has gone since yesterday. (She left yesterday and has not returned.)
  • I’m going to Paris for two weeks. (I will spend two weeks there.)
  • The movie showed from August to October. (Beginning in August and ending in October.)
  • The decorations were up from spring until fall. (Beginning in spring and ending in fall.)
  • I watch TV during the evening. (For some period of time in the evening.)
  • We must finish the project within a year. (No longer than a year.)