Enunciation vs Pronunciation

Understanding the Difference Between Enunciation and Pronunciation


Enunciation refers to the clarity with which we say words. Saying didja for did you or gimme for give me are examples of poor enunciation.

Poor enunciation is the result of leaving out sounds, adding sounds, and/or running sounds together, all of which can confuse listeners and may diminish your status among co-workers.

Below is a list of some common terms that are poorly enunciated. Can you identify what the term is? Also, do you properly enunciate the term?

  • Goin to the pon.
  • I read the lil pome.
  • Praps what I said was crul.
  • C’mere, woodja an gimme your hand.

Pronunciation is closely related to enunciation. Pronunciation refers to the correctness with which you say words. You are not just running words together or leaving out a letter or two as with enunciation; you are saying the word wrong by mispronouncing it. What is the correct term and pronunciation for the following?

  • Omost
  • Liberry
  • Kindeegarden
  • Idear
  • Sophomore
  • Famly
  • Burgular
  • Corps
  • Jest
  • Preventative
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