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How can business productivity be enhanced by online tools?

The productivity of a business can be improved by the use of online tools that assess the SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) analysisOpens in new window of the business environments. And with the right set of online tools the business will more likely accomplish its goals and objectives.

The most important thing for a business is to spot all the threats in the marketplace and to exploit the opportunities in a particular market.

Equally important is ability to recognize the strengths of the business and to reduce the weaknesses, so a business can be more competitive in the business environment.

The calculator online presents the online tools like the ROI and ROAS calculator to find the business Return on Investments and Return on Advertisements. The same goes for the Income tax and sales tax calculators. You can manage what is the expected sales tax and income tax in advance and adjust your ledger accordingly.

We'll spend the remainder of this article describing the usability of these tools and their applicability in the aim to improve your business productivity.

Income Tax calculator

  • What is your income tax for the current fiscal year?
  • And how much are you going to pay?

These are critical questions for a business when it comes to managing their sales tax ledger. The income tax calculator from calculators online can be a source of estimating your income tax. You can identify what you need to pay for the next year.

The income tax calculator is going to find your taxable income and how much you are going to pay for the current year. This can be an estimation which is quite necessary to manage the income tax ledger. A business always strives to avoid any kind of penalties from the tax authorities by paying any taxable income.

Sales Tax calculator

Sales tax is one of the most paid taxes for business as it needs to pay sales tax for each sales and purchase.

The sales tax calculator can assist to manage the ledger of the sales tax. It can be great for increasing the productivity of the business as well as to avoid encountering penalties from the business authorities.

The sales tax calculator by the calculator onlineOpens in new window is going to find the sales tax in dollars and the total percentage of the sales tax.

The gross price of a product is determined by adding the sales tax in the net price of a product. The sales tax you need to pay to governments and the tax authorities. A business needs to determine the net price which also includes the profit margin of the business. All these are the major contributors to a business productivity.

ROI calculator

By using the ROI calculator from a calculator online, businesses within any industry can predict the possible Rate of Return of their investments. As it is common practice that businesses always search for data to estimate when it is going to cross the break even point and in what period of time. Thus, with the use of ROI calculator, a business can easily predict when it is possible to cross the break even point.

The return on investments is a critical question to answer on the business productivity. If you are able to know how much time is required to be established in a target market, then you can take measures accordingly. This is essential to safeguard your investments and to gain maximum profitability. The Return on investments period is the time during which you are not sure about the survival of the investments. This is critical for the survival of business to estimate the return on investments time period.

ROAS calculator

A business is always curious about the output of its advertising campaign.

The return on advertising can be determined by the ROAS calculator from a calculator online that can be used to find the return on advertising.

The return on advertising on the electronic media should be 1:4, which means a business should earn around 4 dollars when investing 1 dollar on electronic media advertising. This ratio is around 1:7 on digital media like social media and Search engine optimization or SEO.

You need to manage your advertising campaign in that ratio. As a business, if you are getting the profitability in this ratio, then it is acceptable. All you need to do is enter the advertising budget and the return you are getting from the advertising campaign. The tool will calculate the return on the advertising campaign.


When businesses want to conduct the estimation and prediction of their ROI, the online business tools from the calculator online are the right tools to leverage in. The benefit of these tools is that it makes it easy for businesses to predict the possible Rate of Return of their investments. In addition, by using these tools businesses can generate effective and efficient ways to safeguard their investments.

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