Diagonal Communication

What is Diagonal Communication?

Diagonal communication refers to communication that crosses both levels and functions or departments where staff members from different departments, irrespective of their reporting relationship, interact with one another within the organization.

A diagram of diagonal communication looks like this ...

Diagonal communication between staff members of different department.

Unlike verticalOpens in new window and horizontal communication,Opens in new window which follows the rigid norms of communication protocol in organizations, diagonal or crosswise communication is not affected by any lines of authority.

For example, a junior staff from department A can interact with a senior staff from department C.

Diagonal communication is beneficial as it is fast, effective and efficient.

A vice manager of an enterprise might want to learn operation properties of a device which was bought from a foreign country and at the stage of assembly.

For this reason, s/he can overlap over the official channels and demand technical data from an experienced engineer about that device. As a result, diagonal communication has taken place (Arisoy 2007:27).

Advantages of Diagonal Communication

Disadvantages of Diagonal Communication

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