Communicating Effectively

Principles of Effective Communication

The ability to communicate effectively is essential to conducting business. Communicating is much more than speaking; it involves your entire presence. How you communicate has often more impact, than the content of your message.

Below are some of the important principles we need to understand that have to do with communicating effectively.

  1. Principle of objective
    The communicator must know the objective of communication before transmitting the message. If the objective is clear, it will help in selecting the appropriate mode (channel) of communication.
  2. Principle of clarity
    The message should be as clear as possible and should be free from any ambiguity. It helps in conveying the message effectively. The message should not create confusion and chaos.
  3. Principle of understanding
    The communication should create proper understanding in the mind of the receiver. The communicator must consider the receptivity and understanding level of the receiver.
  4. Principle of completeness
    Inadequate communication leads to misunderstanding, which delays the work and affects the efficiency of the people. Therefore the message to be communicated must be adequate and complete.
  5. Principle of feedback
    Receiving and considering the feedback is key to successful communication process. Any communication should be a two way process and should provide opportunity for suggestions and criticism.
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