Physiological Needs

The Essence of Physiological Needs to Work Motivation

Physiological needs relate to those needs which sustain life. They are typically biological and personal in nature and include air, water, food, clothing, and shelter. — Maslow

The need for sunlight, sex, food, water and others, which are basic to human survival, are called physiological needs. At work level, this need can be met by providing good working conditions, attractive wage or salary, subsidized housing, free catering etc.

Assurance of income in order to meet physiological needs is an essential concern. Since most people can always use more money, assurance of income only becomes a need priority when basic needs are threatened or when a lower standard of living would occur due to decreased income.

Adults are usually able to satisfy their own physiological needs when these are a priority. A wise manager, however, tries to make easy fulfillment of these needs possible.

For example, if as a leader, you plan a 9 A.M meeting and the system contains coffee drinkers; provide coffee for the group at the beginning of the meeting.

Do not expect that people will be so dedicated to hearing about the agenda that they will forget about their physiological needs or that the people will bring their own coffee—these chances are risky.

Rather, most people during the meeting will start thinking about how nice it would be to have a cup of coffee. This means that participants will not be thinking about business.

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