Written Communication

What Is Written Communication?

Written communication refers to messagesOpens in new window that are expressed, sent and received by means of written symbols either in printed or handwritten format. It is one of two types of verbal communicationOpens in new window.

The channelsOpens in new window of written communication include:

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Advantages of Written Communication

The advantages of written communication are that messages can be revised, stored and made available when needed.

Other advantages of written communication include:

  1. Written communication is easily disseminated in identical copies so the same message is received by all, and the receiver has more time to analyze the message.
  2. The written communication can be personalized for a small audience or written in generic style that accommodates a larger audience.
  3. When messages are put in writing, as in letters, memos, e-mail, chances are that the tendency to misunderstand the words of the sender are decreased.
  4. Written communication remains as a permanent record and in some cases referred to as evidence.
  5. Written communication is suitable for lengthy messages.
  6. Written messages can be checked that all the points can be properly covered and can be easily understood by the receiver.

Disadvantages of Written Communication

The major disadvantage of written communication is that it is difficult to maintain secrecy about the matter communicated unless special precautions are taken.

Other disadvantages include:

  1. There are no provisions for feedback.
  2. The sender may not be certain if the message was received, read, and/or understood.
  3. The message may be longer to contain enough information to answer unanticipated questions.
  4. Poorly written messages easily lead to confusions.

The importance of written communication cannot be taken for granted. A simple billboard carrying a well written message, manages to hold our attention at a crossing.

Authors have been mesmerizing voracious readers with the power of their words. The engrossed reader flips through the pages, reading till late at night, without giving much thought to the mode of communication. All these situations mentioned clearly illustrate the importance of communication skills.