Articulation & Pronunciation

Breaking Down Articulation & Pronunciation

Articulaton is the way you pronounce individual sounds. Oftentimes, during the course of person-to-person contact, the sounds of your speech are sharp and distinct.

When you fail to utter a final sound (a final t or d, for example), fail to produce the sounds of words properly, or voice a sound in an unclear, imprecise way (as with these cases: come wimme versus come with me, dem versus them, idear versus idea), perception of your credibility is bound to slump.

Pronunciation, however, is the way in which you pronounce or say a word. When you mispronounce a word, you may suffer a loss of credibility, and those listening to you may find it more difficult to make sense of what you are saying. Thus, while the focus of articulation is on the production of speech sounds, the focus of pronunciation is on whether you say the words themselves correctly.

The sound attributes of articulation and pronunciation affect intelligibility as well as perceptions of credibility.

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