What is Pitch?

Pitch refers to the highness or lowness of the voice. It is similar to pitch on a musical scale.

Higher pitches are usually associated with female voices, while lower pitches are associated with male voices.

We also develop vocal stereotypes by which we associate low-pitched voices with strength, sexiness, and maturity. The high-pitched voices, we associate with helplessness, tension, and nervousness.

Although individuals have a modal or habitual pitch that they use most frequently when we speaking, they also alter their pitch to reflect their mood and interest while communicating.

For example, we often lower our pitch when sad and raise it when excited. In contrast, if we are bored, we may speak in a monotone that reflects our lack of interest. A lively animated pitch encourages interaction, whereas a monotone discourages it.

It is the voice’s pitch that others use to determine whether you are making a statement or asking a question or whether you are expressing concern or conviction. Your pitch expresses your emotional state; for instance, it can communicate anger or annoyance, patience or tolerance.

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