Voice Volume

Facts About Voice Volume

Volume is the power of your voice. It refers to the degree of loudness or softness of your voice when communicating, which could affect perceptions of intended meaning.

Someone who is typically loud may alienate others; such a person is often viewed as overbearing or aggressive. In contrast, if you are soft-spoken, others may interpret your behaviour as timidity. Thus, your volume can overwhelm or underwhelm others' impression of you and might cause them to turn you down or to lose interest in your words simply because they cannot comfortably hear them.

As an effective interpersonal communicator, you regulate volume in an effort to promote meaningful interaction. Your volume should reflect the nature of your message, the size and acoustics of the space you are in, your proximity to the other person, and any competing noise or conversations.

Typically, we increase volume to stress particular words and ideas and to reflect the intensity of our emotions. Similarly, a sudden decrease in volume can add suspense or sustain another’s attention. Volume that is varied is most effective.

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