Distributive Adjectives

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Examples of Distributive Adjectives

A distributive adjective is a describing word that refers to separate things.

Distributive adjectives such as, “each,” “every,” “either,” “neither,” and “any,” are describing words that refer to specific things out of a group.

For Example:
  • Every student is asked to bring a jotter.
  • Does any of you have a pencil?

How to Use the Distributive Adjectives

  1. Each

    Each is used when reference is made to the individuals forming any group. Each may also be used when the number of the group is limited and definite.

    For Example:
    • Five members were seated on each chair.
    • I was in Shimla for five days and it rained each day.
  2. Every

    Every is used when reference is made to total group or when the number is definite.

    For Example:
    • Every seat was taken.
    • I go to the movies every week.
    • Leap year falls in every fourth year.
  3. Note that Each, either, neither and every are always followed by a singular noun.

    For Example:
    • Each boy must take his turn.
    • Every word of it is false.
    • Neither accusation is true.
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