Interrogative Adjectives

Examples of Interrogative Adjectives

An interrogative adjective is a word that asks for information about a noun.

For Example:
  • Which book do you want?

In this sentence, the word which is an interrogative adjective; it asks information about the noun book.

In English, the words which what and whose are interrogatives adjectives when they come in front of a noun and are used to ask a question Opens in new window about that noun.

  1. Use of Which

    Which is used to ask a question when a limited number of possible answers is implied.

    For Example:
    • Which student is giving a presentation?

    The word which asks for information about the noun student. It implies Which student out of the limited number of students in the class.

  2. Use of What

    What is used to ask a question when an unlimited number of possible answers is implied.

    For Example:
    • What flight are you taking to India?

    Here the word what asks for information about the noun flight. It implies What flight out of the unlimited number of flights to India.

  3. Use of Whose

    Whose is used to ask question about ownership, in order to identify an owner of something.

    For Example:
    • Whose house is this?

    In this sentence, the word whose is used to obtain information about who the house belongs to.

    Interrogative adjectives are basically used to ask questionsOpens in new window. They are always followed by a nounOpens in new window or pronounOpens in new window.

Important Hint!  

Note that interrogative adjectives differ from interrogative pronounsOpens in new window in the manner that the former is followed by a noun in a sentence. See example below:

  • What time is the meeting? (interrogative adjective + noun)
  • What is that? (interrogative pronoun)
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