Additive vs Restrictive Adverbs

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Introduction to Additive & Restrictive Adverbs

Additive Adverbs tell that something additional was done or something was added to something else.

Survey the examples below.
  • The thief also took the VCR.
  • The thief took the VCR too.

Common examples of additive adverbs include also, as well, even, and too.

Words such as exclusively, just, merely, only, purely, and solely are referred to as Restrictive or Restrictive Focus Adverbs because they restrict the meaning of an action or proposition.

Survey again the sentence below.
  • You can only get off at this stop.

In conclusion, additive adverbs enhance meaning by adding information like “also” or “moreover”. Restrictive adverbs limit meaning, such as “only” or “simply”. They play distinct roles in conveying information.

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