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What is a Concrete Noun?

A concrete noun is a naming word that names objects that have some kind of actual physical form including persons, animals, places, materials or collections of concrete things that we can perceive through our senses —that is, concrete nouns can be touched, felt, held, seen, smelt, taste, or be heard.

Examples of Concrete Nouns

In the following sentences, all the nouns in bold name concrete objects that have definite forms and occupy spaces. These are all examples of concrete nouns.

  • John is the ace athleteJohn, athlete are nouns naming persons
  • The dog is a beautiful petdog, pet are nouns naming animals
  • Bucharest is the capital of RomaniaBucharest, capital, Romania are nouns naming places
  • Tables in the class are made from woodtables is a noun naming things; class is a noun naming collection; wood is a noun naming material.

Notice that in the examples of concrete nouns shared above, there are four classes of names of concrete nouns. These are:

  1. Names of particular persons, places or things.
  2. Names of common things belonging to various groups of things.
  3. Names of material of which things are made.
  4. Names of collections of things or persons etc.

Depending on the context, concrete nouns may be variously categorized as countableOpens in new window (birds, plants, houses, etc.) or uncountableOpens in new window (snow, water, flood, etc.).

Concrete noun is the opposite of abstract nounOpens in new windownouns that refer to ideas, emotions, or other concepts that do not have an actual physical form.

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