Noun of Direct Address

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The Meaning of Direct Address

A Noun of Direct Address is a person’s name, directly spoken to.

Nouns of direct address are typically used to name the listener when you are addressing, or directly speaking to him or her in conversation.

The noun of direct address is abbreviated N.A (Noun of Address). A noun of direct address is separated by commas; it does not have any grammatical relationship to any part of the sentence.

The speaker merely mentions the listener’s name in attempt to catch the listener’s attention.

For Example:
  • Sanders, I received your proposal mail yesterday. (the speaker is requesting Sanders’s attention)
  • The equipment, Miss Agnes, belongs in the treatment room. (Here also, the speaker is requesting Miss Agnes to listen.)

The use of direct address makes messages more direct and personal. Because it interrupts the message and reinforce attention.

A Noun of direct address is usually set off from the rest of the sentence by a comma or commas.

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