Reciprocal Pronoun

Correct Uses of Reciprocal Pronouns

As the banner above correctly depicts, a reciprocal pronoun is used to express mutual relationship.

The reciprocal pronouns (each other, and one another), are words that express action or relation that two antecedentsOpens in new window perform mutually,  i.e., when two people are talking to each other at the same time.

A reciprocal pronoun is required when:

  • two or more people, or things are interacting together, or
  • performing the same action.

Uses of the Reciprocal Pronouns

  1. Each other

    Each other is used to talk about two persons:

    • The two sisters loved each other
    • When I asked for my money, the two brothers looked at each other.
  2. One another

    One another is used to talk about more than two persons or things:

    • All the brothers in my uncle’s family quarreled with one another.
    • They cheated one another.

Other Examples as used in sentences include:

  • Henry and his colleagues were talking to one another after the board meeting.
  • The couple had a lengthy argument against each other.
  • The ten prisoners were all blaming one another.
  • Joe and Andrew exchanged gifts from each other.
  • The team coaches had a discussion with one another.
  • The thugs fought one another.
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