Adverbs of degree

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Examples of Degree Adverbs

Adverbs of Degree (sometimes called Degree Adverbs) describe how much or the degree to which the action expressed by the verb is carried out.

Degree adverbs modify adjectives and indicate the intensity or degree of a particular quality. Examples include “very,” “too,” “quite,” and “extremely.” Observe the following sentences:

  • She is considerably hungry for success.
  • The price of stocks has increased enormously.
  • He was drunk and could hardly get his hands on the keys.
  • I agree completely with everything that has been said.
  • Their performance was immensely brilliant.
Examples of Degree Adverbs

Degree adverbs that modify only adjectives and other adverbs include rather and very.

Important Hint 

Adverbs of degree are also amplifiers—a form of intensifiers— which can be used to intensify adjectives and other adverbs. See intensifiers Opens in new window

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